about me. from me.

I’m all about peace, love and light.

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I believe everything in life comes when and as it should… gently guided by the universe.  I don’t believe in forcing things- I believe in patience and letting things unfold in their own time.  I believe the hardest of times teaches us the greatest lessons.  I believe we should listen.

I believe in kindness, generosity, honesty, compassion and empathy for others.

I’m saddened by judgment, greed and bullying.   

I believe expectations can lead to disappointment.

I believe words can be hurtful- even if said “in jest”.

I’m an introvert - social engagements and superficial conversations are difficult for me.  But 1:1 or in a small group, I’ll speak very clearly about matters of the heart.  I think everything is a matter of the heart. I love it when my heart feels joy. When it doesn’t, whatever I’m doing in that moment, I run for the exit .

I think the best “self-help” is self-love and compassion. I think when you’re sad or in pain, you should sit in it… until it passes… and that pushing it away is the greatest dishonor to ourselves.  

I believe our soul knows everything (and I mean everything). I believe we should listen to it.

I believe above all else, we should be true to ourselves.  I believe in respite.

Being my son’s mother is my greatest honor.  There has been no greater love.

I love learning, self-discovery and being philosophical. I like outdoor festivals in the summer, sipping wine, wearing mala beads and reading.  I like to walk.  I like the change of seasons and all of nature.  I like to dance.  I like to be home.

I’m not perfect.  I’m fragile and sensitive and I feel everything.  I make mistakes, say things I don’t mean and spend too much time immersed in technology.  Sometimes I’m sad and sometimes I do things I don’t really want to.  But when I see it… and when I’m ready, I dust myself off, go back to my center and start again.  I believe I have a purpose in this life and I believe you do too.

I believe living takes courage.  John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”. 

I’m courageous.

Be courageous.