5 Powerful Ways To Show Up For Yourself This Week

For years, every publication covering personal development, women’s lifestyle content, or wellness poured out articles about self-care. Activities like brunch with friends, bubble baths, spa days, and $20 boutique gym classes were touted as the ultimate forms of self-care. Thankfully, in recent years, more and more self-love warriors have brought light to the idea that, hey, maybe there’s more to self-care than eating chocolate cake and soaking in a salt bath. The writers who stepped up with this perspective were, in my opinion, right on the money. Self-care can and should encompass many activities, with a majority focus on the ones that help us grow as people.

Others shared that “boring self-care” like doing the dishes is just as, if not more, important than the Insta-worthy personal development workshops and citrus-topped baths that so many of us just love to share about. But, in fact, doing your laundry and taking a shower can elevate your mood and help you feel more centered.

Self-care, above all else, is about showing up for yourself in whatever way you need at a given moment. This may mean sitting down at your desk with a hot mug full of kava and a journal and letting the words pour out. Or showing up for yourself could look like spending an extra hour in bed, listening to your body when she needs more rest. It could also look like going out to lunch with friends, even when you have work to do because you know your soul could use the companionship.

Self-care looks differently for everyone and can look differently for any one person at different moments in time. It’s about showing up for yourself in ways that only you can. Here are 5 powerful ways you can show up for yourself this week (and every week):

1) Spend time alone, even just for a few minutes

Part of showing up for yourself is quite literally being present with your own thoughts. Throughout each day, many different people and things tug at our attention. Show up for yourself by dedicating time each and every morning to sitting quietly with your thoughts. You can meditate or you can just sit with your cup of coffee and, instead of scrolling Instagram, just allow your thoughts to wander where they need to go.

2) Stop spending time with people who steal your energy

We all have or have had friends who just suck the life right out of us. Often, we continue to spend time with people like this when we haven’t been showing up for ourselves. Conversely, when we do start showing up for ourselves, spending time with toxic people becomes unbearably painful–so we stop. Saying “no, thanks” to girls nights with friends who gossip and complain non-stop frees up your precious energy, allowing you to show up for your life in a way that feels amazing.

3) Do what needs to be done, even when it’s not what you want to be doing

There are plenty of times when we don’t feel like doing client work, or household chores, or yard work. But putting these things off turns them into energy zappers. This means that the knowledge that you need to do them lingers in the back of your mind, making it hard for you to fully show up for anything else until they’re complete. Show up for the things that need to be done, so you can fully show up for the things you want to do.

4) Start saying YES! to what your soul is asking for

Have you ever said yes to going somewhere that you didn’t want to go, even though your soul was asking (practically begging) for a quiet day with a book and a journal. Ignoring your soul only leads me feel unsettled the entire time you’re out. It can be challenging to hear and acknowledge your soul at first, but the more you tune in and give her what she’s asking for, the easier it becomes.

5) Identify areas to work on, then do the inner work

We all have areas we can work on. Maybe you struggle with jealousy. Maybe you’re avoiding dealing with emotional pain by working all the time. Maybe it’s your relationship that needs work. Whatever it is, part of self-care and part of showing up for yourself is identifying what’s not the way you want it to be and taking intentional steps toward healing it. It’s not always easy to do the inner work but, when you start doing it, you’ll feel so much better.


Bobbi Foster-Kelly