It’s simply self-awareness:  getting to know our behaviors and habits, finding out what we need in the spaces between our to-do lists, and filling those spacesand moments with a little self- love and quiet presence.

Personal and Professional Coaching 1:1

Personal development coaching based around self- discovery and self-care. You’ll learn why self-care first is essential to you and those you care for and you’ll get the tools you need to support your personal values and goals.  

Professional development based around personal grounding and facilitation skills. You’ll fill up your personal and professional toolbox to become your best authentic self and a trainer who truly makes an impact on others!


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Program Packages include:

7- Training/ Coaching sessions

o  1 for 90 minutes

o  6 for 60 minutes each

·       3- Distance Reiki sessions

o  1 for 75 minutes

o  2 for 60 minutes

4- Helping Hand calls as needed (available outside of our normally scheduled sessions)

o  15 minutes each

MP3 recordings of all calls 

Support materials for each session

Email support throughout the program

Bobbi is committed to providing professional coaching services to facilitate the YOU First Coaching process and agrees to treat all information shared during sessions as private and confidential as required by law.

Please complete the coaching assessment and return to Bobbi to schedule a complimentary discovery session.  The outcome will lead to the design of a coaching program that’s just right for you! 

There is a buddhist story about a student who asks his teacher; “How will I know if I am on the right path". To that, the teacher replies, "as long as you are asking, then you are on the right path.”  Likewise, Bobbi has a unique ability that helped me develop full confidence in my own journey. Like a partner in my spiritual well-being, she supports, empathizes, and gently (yet skillfully) guides in a way that I can take complete ownership of my well-being with full confidence that I am in goods hands. She is a gifted coach.  

Steve F.

Bobbi’s YOU First program has allowed me to uncover the roadblocks we put up to thwart ourselves from self-care. I’ve learned how to identify and acknowledge that ‘little voice’ inside that tells me it is selfish to think of myself first. Through this program, I’ve been given specific tools to help me to understand that my own well-being and balance are essential for me to be better for others. Not that you can do it all, but how to put boundaries in place and shed the things that are less important or get in the way. The program has shown me how to prioritize and make the time to put myself first and live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. It’s a journey that is worthwhile – maybe even life-saving. In Bobbi, I’ve found someone who ‘gets it’ and understands the pressures and things we do and tell ourselves that sabotage our own happiness. 

Beth C.