energy work

As a busy professional, that travels often and works long hours, I struggle to gain balance and calm.

Working with Bobbi through distance Reiki, I have found that peace that I so often searched for, I find that my body, mind and spirit all feel tremendously better post our sessions and I can take on even more. Bobbi is a true healer. I am grateful to have her in my life.

Sheri D.

As a home caregiver for my severely disabled adult son I experience a lot of anxiety, stress, physical and emotional imbalance. I heard about REIKI a few years ago and I read about it but never thought much of it….until I had my first treatment!

Bobbi explained the “process” and answered all my questions before we began. I laid on the table, at ease although still skeptical. I must say I have NEVER relaxed so completely and deeply (I actually fell asleep) and when she was finished I felt so at ease and relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on anything. Every session is like a personal REBOOT.


Bobbi has a certificate on the wall saying she is a MASTER and believe me, she is. Bobbi’s healing hands and heart helped me understand and appreciate REIKI in a way I never could from reading about it. Open your mind to her amazing gift and it will change your life like it did mine!

Tracy L.

With the help of Reiki,  I gently delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

After 7 hours of labor, stuck at 6cm, with steady contractions every 3 minutes I became frustrated as this labor was hard and so unlike my previous 3.   As my epidural was wearing off, my OB team told me I needed to relax before I caused distress to my unborn child.  By the 10thhour I was in so much pain, my levels started to drop and they put me on oxygen.  At that point, Bobbi asked if she could facilitate Reiki for me and I agreed. The moment she placed her hands on me, I felt a huge rush of energy sweep through my whole body, starting at my head and shooting straight out of my feet. I immediately felt a sense of peace. My body was so calm and relaxed that I fell asleep!  When she was done, my physician came in and woke me up to break by water. As I looked over, my sister had fallen asleep and the entire room had become so serene that my physician and nurse commented on the feeling of tranquility present in the room. Shortly thereafter, I delivered a healthy baby girl.   

Bobbi is an amazing woman that truly can deliver the Reiki experience.  My body, emotions, mind and spirit were relaxed and I felt a healing like I’ve never felt before. 

Audra C.  RN, BSN