It all started when…

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Bobbi began her career as a hairstylist, was a Redken Artist for 15 years, then served over the next 20 years as a team leader in various positions overseeing Education and Training for Redken and Pureology (L’Oreal).  Her on-the-job training and life experiences have provided her with a unique and diverse skill set, offering a wide variety of services and personal development programs.

In 2010, Bobbi was diagnosed with breast cancer and while under going treatment, discovered the Integrative Medicine Program at Beaumont Hospital, Troy.

While recovering from surgery and during chemo and radiation treatments, she went weekly for reiki, oncology and cupping massage, acupuncture, guided imagery, reflexology and naturopathic medicine.   Her experience was profound and she found reiki to be so beneficial, she began study to become a practitioner.  She graduated Level One in 2010, Level Two in 2011 and Level Three in 2012- to become a Certified Reiki Master.  While still in her corporate position, Bobbi practiced reiki on her family, friends and colleagues- facilitating distance reiki as far away as London England!

In 2016, Bobbi went to massage school to continue learning about the body and how to treat and heal naturally.  She is an advocate of life-long learning and is obsessed with personal wellness and self- care.  

Bobbi is available to lead training events as a main stage speaker, in classes and workshops and offers a variety of services such as reiki therapy, reflexology and chakra balancing.  She also offers 1:1 coaching programs and is available to provide customized programs designed to meet your personal and professional development needs.

Bobbi serves on the National Professional Salon Industry council for the of City of Hope and is currently a consultant, brand ambassador and trainer for Redken.  She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and is a volunteer at Beaumont Hospital- providing reiki to patients during their recovery.  She is a Certified Heart Math Trainer, Certified Angel Card reader and a graduate of the Gabriel Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Bobbi resides in Clinton Township, with her 18- year old son Jesse, where she enjoys spending time with her family, being close to nature and experiencing the beauty of the four seasons. She is an avid reader and regularly practices yoga, meditation and reiki.