Reiki Therapy

REI= Universal Life    KI= Energy

Hands on and Distance

Reiki is a popular and beneficial modality that is utilized for health and wellness.  It is based on energetic principles and is practiced in many hospitals, medical settings, and in private practices all around the world. 

Reiki is an energy therapy that focuses on promoting health and well-being.

Reiki therapy helps to balance the body’s energy system, supporting the body’s own natural healing ability

Reiki helps the body refresh. repair. recharge.


Reiki Therapy balances energy in your body by releasing blockages caused by:

  • Stress, worry, stuck emotions and overwork

  • Toxic people and negative environments

  • Illness, surgery, chronic pain

Reiki Therapy supports healing on all levels:

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

These are not separate.  what affects one, affects the other

Health is not merely the absence of disease.  It is the balance of mind, body and spirit

Reiki is based on the principle that the human body has an innate capacity to heal, and that this process of healing is internally guided.

When you keep your energy body in balance naturally, everything else begins to fall into place.

Bobbi studied reiki as part of a 3-year program at Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan.  She became Master Certified in 2012 and is currently during volunteer work on behalf of the Integrative Medicine Dept. where she facilitates reiki to oncology and orthopedic surgery patients.

She also loves to work with expectant moms before, during and after delivery.

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