Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

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Bobbi is available for small classes large events and anything in between. 

Her YOU First program takes you on a journey of self-awareness, discovery and self-care to help you discover personal stressors, energy drains and how to plug the leaks! You’ll get tools to help you stay grounded, peaceful and maintain energy to beat physical and emotional fatigue. Take care of YOU First and the watch the world around you change!

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Our salon and spa spends A LOT of time and resources investing in bettering our best, when it comes to our craft. I think what my team loves about working for us is we recognize that educating ourselves about how to take care of ourselves is just as important. Bobbi brought her expertise in self care and guided meditation to our team and customized the program to fit OUR needs. She connected with our team and her energy left a lasting impression.

Pattie Kobe | State of Mind Salon and Day Spa | Crown Point, Indiana

You know that feeling of relaxation you find at the beach...the warm sand, the murmur of the waves as they ebb and flow? Perhaps the waving of palm trees? That's the feeling I get when I spend time with Bobbi. Calm, connected, relaxed, buoyant. Bobbi is an ocean of wisdom which she imparts to you effortlessly. She has ways of distilling very much learning into understandable terms, she really does care about your well-being. Always, I am learning from her, and am amazed at how many things are interconnected, and why they matter. If you are looking for someone who really cares and is, in my estimation, and old soul, look no further.

Fran Robertson